Best Digital Camera Brands in Canada



We want to make every event of our life memorable by making an album of them. The existence of smartphones and cameras made than even simple by storing them in pc ‘s or in drives. HD images feel better than normal ones which are more often taken from phone.  and most of us prefer to spend a lot for

iPhone may come with a new 28 MP camera in his new device, but the  DSLR quality of the image cannot be replaced with any iPhone or phone camera.

Now the confusion comes which camera brand is best to purchase in Canada?

Now here is a note, Every camera is different is good with and is good with it’s own functions.

So, After doing a lot of research we made a list of top 10 best camera brands in Canada.

1.Canon EOS M series

Canon is leading in camera shots it includes many features of different series. This canon M5 camera has latest features of focusing on the shot, support video processing and takes best photos of very shot.

Canon cameras have focus and shot N series cameras which suits for one getting started. If you want to makes little more changes in display settings and change the lens i would probably recommend you to take D series camera’s.


Nikon is one of the best camera brands to buy with lot more surprising features, its latest Dslr camera is fast enough to take 3fps continous shooting and enables to crop the pic into our desirable size, the lens are good enough so that you will enjoy taking photos at spots you go, recommended for trips and travelers.



Sony is one of the leading digital cameras  it’s cameras has astonishing features like taking pic’s with your own settings and has CMOS sensor which helps in taking good quality pics, an usb cable and with extra lens comes with every camera you buy. enjoy weekends taking this with you to the spots.


Samsung has it’s own uniqueness in camera with good features with best resolution by whivh you can take good quality pics. the lens of the camera are pretty good enough to take best shots. the material of the camera will be different from cameras. Best suited as homely camera could carry easily to your picnic spots, sure you will enjoy taking hd pics to reserve for years.


Olympus cameras are good at superzoom feature  in latest models you could take images of long distanced objects and make them look fine. In latest mirrorless models slr’s are not used being used much  but providing wide range of sensors.


Leica camera are of mostly costly, with focus and shoot models , the series of this company cameras are fully of same models, the quality of the cameras will be good.The sensor of the camera gives good quality of images, fixed lens with led monitor and built-in wifi connectivity.


Fujifilm is one of the world’s best digital cameras which has mirrorless cameras in  GFS series and has good waterproof cameras in s series with high zoom feature, camera interchangable lens mount camera lens are available in  X series. The high cost fujifilm camera is fujifilm X-T2 of 24.3 MP and astonishing CMOS sensor.


Panasonic cameras are better at taking hd quality pics including SLR sensor for 720p images. It is providing changeable lens and ISO which enable taking faster shuttering shots in G series.Most of the mirrrorless cameras are of high cost with SLR big image sensor include focus and shoot feature with inbuilt Wi-Fi connectivity.


Pentax cameras are parental cameras for Ricoh cameras, pentax cameras produces SLR cameras which d includes mirrorless model in Q series, but provides water proof, mount, focus and shoot model in Ricoh models. The Ricoh cameras are made of magesium alloy with CMOS sensor for taking hd quality pics.



Sigma usually  provides  camera interchangeable lens which suits well as SLR camera but it also provide some cameras which include some SD series and DP series cameras with good pixels for taking hd shots.


All the above camera brands are Digital camera brands of canada, with better zoom  feature, focus and shoot models and latest mirrorles CMOS sensor with SLR  lens.